Best vertical climber machine to buy [ultimate guide 2018]

Rock climbing machines are excellent machines for whole body workouts. They are the perfect alternative to rock climbing, as well as the ideal substitute.

Whether you can’t get to a mountain, or a gym, or it’s simply bad weather for rock climbing, a reliable piece of exercise equipment will always be ready. Rock climbing machines strengthen your cardiovascular system while also dramatically improving your muscle tone and overall endurance; increasing stamina while also burning calories.

Being fit and agile is the essence of healthy lifestyle. For a body to work perfectly, it needs to be perfectly synchronized with sound mind and sound body. In order to achieve this perfect physique Vertical mountain climbing machine is perfect machine for me. Less time consumption and perfect results is the motto of Vertical Mountain Climbers.  

While exercise bikes and treadmills can at times be bulky and take up great amounts of space, rock climbing machines are compact, durable and stow away for easy storage.

ImageProductWeight CapacityPrice
MaxiClimber Vertical ClimberMaxiClimber Vertical Climber
250 Pounds
Sunny Folding Climbing StepperSunny Folding Climbing Stepper
220 pounds
Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness MachineConquer Vertical Climber Fitness Machine330 Pounds
Versa ClimberVersa Climber
350 Pounds

Best Rock Climbing Machine



MaxiClimber Vertical Climber

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

The Maxi Climber is a vertical climber which simulates rock or wall climbing. As such your entire body is engaged which quickly gets muscles firing and calories burning. This adjustable machine has many user-friendly functions along with ergonomically adjustable settings. The Maxi Climber is ideal for burning calories as well as promoting excellent cardiovascular health, and muscle fitness.

The conventional bodybuilding and fitness trends follow one body part per day workout pattern. However, the Maxi Vertical Climber machine is breaking the stereotypical mentality of the fitness industry. The Maxi Vertical Climber is one machine offering full body workout, specially connecting cardio exercise which strengthen the core muscles of the human body and losses excessive fat in the meantime.

The Maxi Vertical Climber is perfectly designed to fit in your room. It’s mechanism is developed with sole purpose of getting better fitness related results in lesser time frame. The Maxi Vertical Climber has the capacity to support up to 240 lbs. of body weight which is nearly the average body weight of our population.

With the possible capacity of burning 500 calories per hour, Maxi Vertical climber is one of the best aerobic training machine available in the market.

A timer and progress chart comes in as a package with Max Vertical Climber which actually helps you keeping your progress and road map to your goals easier to attain and keeping an eye over it. Hence, making it perfectly suitable for vast majority of population.

Without the restriction of age, height or fitness goals Maxi Vertical Climber is for all to build lean body muscle and reduce fat quicker than ever. When fitness meets science, a perfect masterpiece is developed. The Maxi Vertical Climber is a masterpiece of similar nature which transforms your fitness goals.

Improve your posture and core strength with Maxi Climber Vertical machine which not only saves your time but also save your valuable money that is being spent at gym memberships for past many years which is went unutilized.


  • Total body workout targets all of your major muscle groups
  • With a focus on your upper body, you can become stronger and not just thinner
  • Over-engineered with a sturdy design
  • Affordable for home use
  • Comes pre-assembled,and collapsible for convenient storage
  • Improves posture & cardiovascular fitness


  • There is a learning curve associated with using a product like this
  • Not Suitable for users over 240 lbs

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Climbing is an excellent low-impact workout machine which is ideal for indoor mountain climbing. It is ideal  for climbing training as it effectively targets and tones the upper, core, and lower body.

This folding stepper has twelve adjustable resistance levels, allowing the user to both enjoy a smooth workout as well as challenge themselves to reach greater fitness levels. Nothing is impossible to achieve, all you need is to make little decisions which support your ambitions. Sunny Folding Vertical Climber is one of those decisions that you’ll make to achieve your fitness goal.

Against all the odds, Sunny Folding Vertical Climber has the unique mechanism that it can be folded and be placed or stored in small compartments as well. Generally the gym equipment such as treadmills and cardiovascular enabled machines require plenty of space and are bigger in volume which creates issue for its storage and usage.

In contrast to it, Sunny Folding Vertical Climber is adjustable in relatively small spaces such as rooms and apartments. Got couple of minutes? Let’s get a quick cardio session wherever and whenever you want. Never miss a gym session now whether on long travels or enjoying holidays, Sunny Folding Vertical Machine got it covered for you.

Highly equipped and constructed using durable and heavy duty steel in a perfect mechanism to give long term and reliable results.

Due to its durable infrastructure, Sunny Folding Vertical climber has the ability and capacity to sustain 220 lbs. of body weight; making it one of the most demanding and long term reliable machine when it comes to fitness industry of sunny folding vertical mountain climber.        

This equipment is ideal for the frequent traveler who still wants to work out on the go owing to its portable and lightweight design. Keep the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper anywhere in your home, car, or office to enjoy its benefits.


  • Great low-impact machine
  • Onboard display monitoring time and calories
  • Highly portable
  • Twelve adjustable resistance levels to tailor your workout


  • Immobile bar handles
  • Some of the taller people to use this equipment complain that their knees occasionally hit the resistance cylinders
  • Not the most effective upper body workout

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0

Conquer Vertical Climber

The Conquer Vertical Climber is our choice for the most budget-friendly machine on the market. It provides a great workout, despite lacking the option to vary resistance levels. It sports a sleek design of metal framework making setup and storage a breeze. The Conquer Vertical Climber provides for natural climbing mechanics, which encourages a full range of motion.

Generally due to extensive laborious work and even due to other reasons such as old age issues, the joints don’t have the capacity to sustain hard and tiresome mountain trails. In these difficult scenarios, to maintain healthy lifestyle is very difficult. This is where Conquer Vertical mountain Climber comes in to play.

As the name indicates that the Conquer Vertical Mountain Climber comes with the motivation to help you conquer your fitness goals without injuring yourself. Though your goal is to lose weight or to keep you body toned up, conquer vertical mountain climbing machine is a one stop solution to give you full body workout without wasting your time at gym or money for expensive gym memberships.   

Conquer Vertical Mountain Climber is made with a perfect blend of technology and fitness industry. The process of weight loss is not as hard as it seemed before.  

The handles of Conquer Vertical Mountain Climber are ergonomically designed for user comfort, so that it’s easy to use and an enjoyable experience.

Additionally the Conquer Vertical Climber provides an onboard counter which allows for tracking elapsed workout time and calorie-burn. It gives you a perfect package to keep track record of your progress in weight loss on daily basis. Keep yourself up to date by using state of the art equipment that is conquer vertical climber which keeps you motivated and enthusiastic to achieve your goals.  


  • Sleek, steel frame design
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • smooth operation during exercise, promoting full range of motion


  • It doesn’t have variable resistance settings

Versa Climber

Versa Climber

The Versa Climber is a vertical climber, which is argued to be the most efficient form of cardiovascular exercise. Utilizing foot plates and hand grips to simulate climbing, the Versa Climber offers a complete and constant total body workout.

There’s a perception that mountain climbers such as versa vertical mountain climber are designed to strengthen lower body only, which is not true actually. Versa vertical mountain climber is ergonomically designed to engage all your body muscles from head to toe and tone them up by losing weight and building lean muscle which consequently results in to increased body strength.

Versa Vertical Mountain Climber is enabled with digital technology. Versa Vertical Mountain Climber has a digital meter which keeps you updated with your progress and time spent on the mountain climber. No need to count steps or have a stopwatch to keep your progress checked.

It also indicates the amount of calories burnt which helps you manage your diet in accordance to your fitness goals.

The Versa Vertical Mountain Climber has claimed to sustain body weight of 440 pounds which is supported by its durable stainless steel body structure which keeps it well intact even in heavier body weight usage.

The hand grips require a pushing motion, and it works on the resistance meter. Designed by an engineer, this equipment provides for an enhance range of motion, at low impact, focusing on push and pull movements to work the shoulders, torso, hips, legs, and core; building up to an intense workout which burns a great deal of calories.

The Versa Climber offers a built-in heart rate monitor which measures precisely how hard your heart is pumping, as well as the distance traveled.


  • Considered the ultimate form of cardio exercise
  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Variable resistance levels


  • Not the Cheapest Piece of Equipment
  • Definitely not for the faint of heart, or fitness novice

Maxi Climber Total Body Workout

Maxi Climber Total Body Workout

A beefed-up version of your typical vertical climber, with extra handle grips. With the additional grips, the user can focus on additional arm and shoulder muscle challenges, thus receiving more of an upper body workout than some of its competitors in the market, while also increasing calorie burn and muscle toning.

One of the unique features offered by Maxi Mountain Climber is its specification of adjustable height. Regardless of you being an average height or below average or even above average, you need not to worry about its adjustment or usage.

It is perfectly mechanically designed to give a comfortable workout experience. Its handle grips are well coated with non sticky material which keeps your palms from sweating and causing irritation.

It’s a full body exercise equipment which enables you the option to keep your entire body in shape and fully active. Maxi Mountain Vertical Climbing machine helps you tone up your lower body including hips, lower back and thighs.

With its specification of adjustable height and user friendly ergonomic design, is one of the highly demanded mountain climber in the market.

With the ability to sustain body weight of 300 lbs. Maxi vertical mountain climber shows its highly durable and supportive structure which will sustain in the long term usage of it.


  • Durable handle grips
  • Extended range of motion for a greater workout
  • Manufactured with solid steel construction
  • Enhance focus on the arms and shoulders
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate taller users


  • No adjustable resistance

Why Do I Need a Vertical Climber?

Stair climbing exercise equipment is a proven path to total body fitness. Even the more basic and economic models utilize body-weight resistance, which is more than enough for beginner and advanced fitness enthusiast alike. Stair climbers are great for toning and shaping of the butt, hips, upper and lower body, as well as your core muscle groups. Stair climbers also do a great job with fat loss and cardiovascular fitness.  


Can I Use it at Home?

Vertical Climber Machine is specifically designed for weight conscious individuals. In this world of intense financial competition, individual person’s health is often compromised.  To get up to the mark physique and attain balanced lifestyle, Vertical climber is the most suitable machine to cater above mentioned needs.

Vertical Climber comes in a pre assembled form. It is perfectly designed, keeping the needs of the health conscious people in mind, to fit inside a room. Most of all you don’t need a personal trainer or physique instructor to be paid huge amount to guide you during your workout, however, the Vertical Climber comes with an instruction manual for free which guides you not only about your workout but also on how it can be used in different ways to reduce weight and get a perfect dream physique.


Will Vertical Climber Save My Time?

In this highly competitive world, time is money. Every single second counts. To compete with the world, you need to be in your toes 24/7 however, in this highly demanding world it is nearly impossible to attain a perfect physique and pursue your professional career as well alongside it.

So, to have a perfect work life and healthy physique you can workout anytime at your house. Say no to having expensive gym memberships and not showing up at gym eventually. Save your money and long drives to gym buy just one time investment on your body by having vertical climber.    


How Vertical Climber Machine will help me in reducing my weight?

Vertical climber is a cardio oriented heart rate boosting machine which helps in increasing and decreasing heart rate which enhances metabolism rate which burns fat quickly. According to latest researches, HIIT (High interval intensity training) is one of the fastest and most effective mechanism to reduce weight. Vertical climber is the most suitable machine to conduct these HIIT (High interval intensity training workouts).

As a result of it, you don’t need to fill your room or apartment with plenty of dumbells and heavy weight equipment along with couple of treadmills and aerobic assisted cycling machines. All you need is one vertical climbing machine at one corner of your room and that’s it.

Vertical Climber Machine is a one stop, one gadget solution to all of your obesity issues. It doesn’t only make you reduce fat but in the meanwhile it also develops muscle and strength which eventually leads to building leaner yet healthy muscle gain. This gives a fuller and in-shape physique to its users in only couple of weeks.   

These workouts burn more calories and create a calorie deficit which in turn burn excessive fat to consume energy which eventually reduce fat.


What exercises can I do on Vertical Climber Machine?   

Vertical Climber machine is mechanized to help you conduct dozens of exercises which mainly involve your torso movement. Exercises that involve torso workouts help you not only in reducing weight but also in building stronger core and stabilizing muscles. Not only this, Vertical Climber machine also enhances your cardio rate, thus insuring better results in very little time.

Against the traditional cardio machines, the vertical climber machines are all in one solution. The all in one solution provides exclusive stepping machine workout which develops your core muscles and also improves your endurance.

Secondly, not only it helps you engaging your core for better stability but it also uses your arms up and down as a pulley which reduces the size of your bulky arms and eventually gives them a look of lean muscle.

This perfect combination of back and forth movement of both legs and arms make your torso stable and much leaner than ever before. Keep your legs and arms pumping leads to an ideal beach body physique. Say goodbye to the days of obesity because the combo of full body workout is not available at your doorstep.    




Aforementioned Vertical Mountain Climber machines are the best gadgets available in the market to cater your need and help you in overcoming your fear of obesity. It’s a one stop purchase and see the magic in the first couple of weeks. Not only in fat loss but in lean muscle building as well.

I feel a lot confidence and up lift in my posture after a regular session of vertical mountain climber machine. Not only it saves my time but also keeps me in shape unlike any other fitness equipment i’ve tried ever. Against all the odds, vertical mountain climber is in my room, so no more long trips to gym nor any day off due to procrastination.

After using vertical mountain climber I feel a lot healthier and relaxed. I personally recommend that vertical mountain climber is the best workout I ever got in contrast to any workout I’ve ever done at a Gym.    

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