Health is the greatest wealth in the world, and to enjoy this wealth one should invest in fitness.  The Maxi Climber is an exercise machine which engages the entire body – muscles, stamina, cardiovascular. The Maxi Climber targets the arms, legs, glutes, upper back, shoulders, and core muscle groups. Typically one has to travel to the mountains or a specialized gym to enjoy the health benefits of rock climbing, but you can do it at home using your Maxi climber.


maxiclimber review

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

The Maxi Climber is a vertical climber which simulates rock or wall climbing. As such your entire body is engaged which quickly gets muscles firing and calories burning. This adjustable machine has many user-friendly functions along with ergonomically adjustable settings. The Maxi Climber is ideal for burning calories as well as promoting excellent cardiovascular health, and muscle fitness.

Uses of the Maxi Climber:

  • Step on the foot pads like you would climb chairs.
  • After grabbing the handles, your movement will simulate climbing mountains.
  • Arm motion should correspond with legs movement, ie push down your right foot as you push the left handle up.
  • Once you get the hang of it, your workout will be self-paced and incredibly beneficial.

Maxi Climber will change your life. It will improve cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and overall stamina and energy. With all things good, practice makes perfect, and the more you use this machine, the closer to perfect you’ll be. Typical workout sessions can easily burn over 500 calories per outing.

Maxi Climber Specs:

Width:22 inches
Height:79 inches
Depth:36 inches
Capacity:240 pounds

Maxi Climber Features:

The Maxi Climber is a great workout machine for anyone interested in maintaining their figure through cardiovascular fat burning. Some of the best features of this machine include:

Adjustable Height:

The Maxi Climber has been ergonomically designed to work for all types of bodies; which is why the adjustable height is such an important feature.


The Maxi Climber comes 90% pre-assembled, which means minimal hassle. The machine weighs only 34 pounds, and is easily folded away for storage.

Quiet Workouts:

Happiness is exercising peacefully and quietly, especially if you have a sleeping baby, or want to workout in the evening or early in the morning. You don’t have to worry about irritating people, or waking the neighbors, or not being able to hear the kids in the next room. The Maxi Climber lets you get in great shape without worrying about disturbing others.

Durable Steel Construction:

The Maxi Climber is made up of durable cold-rolled steel, that means it’s heavy duty and more than capable of withstanding the most punishing workout. This makes the Maxi Climber the obvious choice for a quality and long-lasting exercise investment, particularly compared to other equipment models on the market made from inferior materials. Trust cold-rolled steel to allow you to enjoy the most vigorous workouts.

Isometric Non-Stick Grips:

The maxi climber vertical climber has isometric non-stick grips which allow you to grasp the machine comfortably. When you’re not worried about slipping, you can work out that much harder.

Affordable Price:

For less than $500, the Maxi Climber can give you a lifetime of health benefits. Consider the costs and time spent traveling to and from the gym over the course of just a year and the Maxi Climber pays for itself.

Workout Timer:

Easily track the number of steps taken, as well as the calories burned, and time spent exercising. Even more convenient, the timer stops and starts when the equipment is used, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to record your results.

Ergonomic Designs:

Owing to it’s ergonomic design, the Maxi Climber provides a comfortable and smooth workout. Patented Bio-X technology helps deliver the crawl-cross motion which engages the muscles of the abs, core, and entire body.

Pros of the Maxi Climber:

Some of these features make the Maxi Climber best exercise equipment

  • Economical: An affordable machine which gives you gym caliber results.
  • Time efficient workout: Be prepared to see great results in only half an hour a day. You’ll have a fitter and leaner physique, increased stamina and energy, and plenty of time to enjoy it.
  • Total Body Workout:  The Maxi Climber gives you the benefits of aerobic exercises while also toning muscles and promoting positive heart health.
  • High- Calorie Burn: Just a half hour on the Maxi Climber can easily burn over 500 calories.
  • Compact: The Maxi Climber occupies minimal space, which makes it ideal for smaller apartments or dedicated workout rooms.
  • Solid Design: The Maxi Climber is a durable and stable machine thanks to it’s over-engineered cold-rolled steel construction.
  • Warranty: The Maxi Climber comes with a one year warranty backing up it’s quality.
Pros of the Maxi Climber:

Maxi Climber is no doubt best for its effective results, but there are some features which might not prove helpful for everyone. Some of them are the following:

  • No Adjustable Resistance Levels: While the nature of a climber allows for the user to push themselves as hard as they like to achieve results, some more advanced users would prefer adjustable resistance settings.
  • Workout Timer Position: It can sometimes be difficult to quickly read the calorie count due to the position of the workout timer.

Conquer Vertical Climber Vs. Maxi Climber

Anyone weighing up to 275 pounds can use this machine to exercise in the comfort of their own home to achieve gym-caliber results. You will find that it is one of the most economical climbers available in the market.

Versa Climber vs. Maxi Climber:

Like a treadmill, stairs, and exercise bike, the Maxi Climber will help you to burn calories. The low impact movements of the Maxi Climber won’t strain your joints or back, and leave you comfortable while working out.  

On the whole, the Maxi Climber machine is possibly the best choice for weight lose, muscle toning, and cardiovascular fitness. This small and durable exercise machine will allow you to exercise in your home comfortably, avoiding the stress, time and cost of fitting gym visits into an already busy schedule.  The Maxi Climber also comes with a great exercise DVD to help you get familiar with the many features of the machine as well as take you through beginner and advanced workouts. The marvelous Maxi Climber targets all of your muscles, enabling you to get the great benefits of mountain and rock wall climbing without the risks or years of practice required to even attempt it otherwise.

The Maxi Climber is a great workout proven to help you lose weight, burn calories, and increase overall mind and body health.